Happy New Year Blog from Reba

It has certainly been an interesting year, to say the least.

Daddy had a rough year, being in the hospital and rehab center for several months.  He's doing great now.  Thanks so much for all your prayers.  My family and I appreciate them!

Being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame was an honor beyond words!!!  It was something I had only dreamed about.

I loved getting to tour with The Band Perry, Steel Magnolia, James Otto and Eden's Edge!  We had a great time on and off stage! 

I found out that I get to do another TV sitcom in the 2012 year.  We'll shoot the pilot on "Malibu Country " in April.  If everything goes the way we hope it will, I'll be shooting the series starting in August.  Keep your fingers crossed! :)))

Shelby had a great year in his racing making his Dad and me very proud!  We're going to have a blast in 2012!!!

Narvel had a great year working with Kelly Clarkson and helping Brandon wrangle Blake on the TV show "The Voice".  I sure enjoyed getting to be with Blake on that show!  He also celebrated 3 #1 records this year!!!!  To say the least, great year for Blake!!!

Shawna and Chassidy are doing wonderful as usual.  I had such a great time with them at Christmas.  Also, with all my grandkids! They're growing up WAY too fast.  Chelsea is graduating this year!!!  Can you believe it?!!!

On another note, Blake, Kelly, Susie and I had fun putting on a concert in Durant, OK.  I just wish it had been only a concert.  But we were there because many folks had lost their homes because of a tornado that decided to waltzed right through Southeastern Oklahoma.  You can drive through there today and still see it's path of destruction.

My family has had many obstacles to go through this year.  Some good, some bad.   Houses burning, some being destroyed by tornadoes, divorce, moving, broken bones, cancer, way too long hospital stays, a new baby, car wrecks, our boys being in China and Afganastan, back surgery and two mile-stone birthdays!

We made it through.

I think Alice said it best. "The main thing is that we are all family, we will stay family, fussin' and fightin' between ourselves, but loving each other immensely and intensely with every breath, with every fiber of our being, because We are FAMILY."

And to you, my fans, friends and buddies, thank you for a wonderful year.  Here's to another one coming up.

May you receive what you prayed for, may you be happy, content, safe and healthy. And may God keep you under His protective care.

Love always,