We had a great time with all the folks in Aberdeen, MD last night despite the rain, which postponed our show for over an hour. Thanks so much for coming out to see us.

But something happened before the show that has never happened to me before. I feel the need to explain because I left our meet and greet feeling very disturbed.

Yesterday afternoon, we were notified that we had an additional 136 folks for meet and greet.  That's a huge number for us!! We were informed that those folks had bought tickets with a guarantee of meeting me at my meet and greet.  Therefore, they paid for the meet and greet.

Let me be perfectly clear, we do not sell meet and greet passes. This had nothing to do with me or my organization.

So for all the folks at the meet and greet last night, who paid an additional amount of money for it, that is the reason for our confusion and trying to make the best out of a bad situation. We knew nothing about you until yesterday afternoon. I hope you walked away from the event last night with a smile on your face despite the delay in our show due to the lightening, thunder and rain.

Please come back and see us again,