Monday, September 24, 2012 marks a special day in Texoma. Twenty years ago today superstar Reba cut the ribbon to open the original Reba’s Ranch House built on Reba McEntire Lane.

In twenty years the Reba’s Ranch House has never closed. It is available to families 24 hours a day, seven days a week, serving as a place for loved ones to stay while a family member is in the hospital. Over 25,000 guests have been welcomed with a smile and had a close place to rest in order to be by the side of those that they love.

“On any given day we have guests coming together under one roof from all walks of life, all different ages, backgrounds and experiences. We have family members who are at the bedside of a loved one, helping to support and comfort them on their road to recovery, some who are facing the loss of a loved one and others who are celebrating the birth of a child”, said RRH Director Marilyn Bice.”During their stay we are all family”.

Bice said that she believes that the spirit of the House is a reflection of Reba and her character. “As a staff, we continually focus on creating a place of comfort and an atmosphere of caring for all of our guests as we know she would do. We all have a servants heart for our families", said RRH Director Marilyn Bice.

"I will never forget Reba cutting that ribbon in the fall of 1992" said THF Board Member Dr. Darius Maggi. "The House has always been a landmark in our community and a special place that we cherish. We have all been blessed by Reba in so many ways".

Even with the passing of all of these years Reba continues to be involved in the Reba's Ranch House. She helped with the design of the new and expanded house which opened in May of 2010 and she is sure to check in from time to time. She reads every letter that is written by guests and has done so for twenty years. "It is so unique and humbling to see her dedication and commitment”, said THF CEO, Michelle Lemming. “Reba has a genuine care for the families who stay here”.

Guests of the House over the past twenty years have come from all over the world to be close to their family members who live here in Texoma.

All of us who live here can be reassured if were to be hospitalized that our spouse, children, brothers or sisters will have a secure and comforting place to rest that will not burden them financially.  We often receive thank you notes from our guests who share how comforting it was for their loved one to know that they had a safe place to stay where people cared about them.

There are not many towns in the United States the size of Denison, Texas that have a House that offers these services and there is no other Reba’s Ranch House in the world. Reba has blessed us with a special and unique diamond. In today’s fast-paced world, the House provides an atmosphere that centers on caring for others. Its rooms and grounds offer places of quiet reflection, offerings of love and a feeling of home.

The House depends highly on volunteers and donations, both monetary and in-kind.  The House keeps a grocery list of items needed such as paper towels, cleaning supplies, food, etc. Local churches, community groups and restaurants play an important role in bringing hot meals to guests. We thank Adopt A Day donors who have sponsored the operations of the House for a day. To learn more visit